Time Oat: Overnight Oatmeal is the Best Thing You’ve Never Had

Before I was pregnant I had never tried overnight oatmeal. The thought of cold oatmeal in the morning didn’t really sound appealing but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

When I was breastfeeding with my first baby, I had a hard time producing milk in the beginning, so I looked up ways to increase my production. Hence the previous posts on lactation cookies. I also discovered oatmeal was a great source of iron and perfect for breastfeeding moms and women in general.

The best part is that it’s easy to make. You can make batches ahead of time (I like to store them in mason jars in the refrigerator) and it’s a great way to get a healthy breakfast in when you’re a new and/or busy mom.

Below are some recipes that I’ve tried and loved but feel free to put any toppings you choose once you have the base.

Overnight Oats

Refrigerate in a jar and the next day add your toppings

*Topping suggestions:

Banana, peanut butter or other nut butter and honey

Apple, chia seeds or flax seeds, maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg

Nutella and banana

Berries, yogurt, nuts and honey

Skies the limit with this simple yet filling recipe.

Give it a try and add anything healthy you like! It’s perfect for morning, noon or night!