What happens when life gets in the way

As we fast forward from spring to now summer, I find myself still trying to get my sh** together. Holding myself accountable and finding my missing motivation has been a struggle since being pregnant, but now I feel everything is slowly falling into place. Slowly. But patience is a virtue right?

We just bought a house and had to move almost 10 years of crap we’ve accumulated along with moving baby stuff that rivals our adult stuff in number, I started a new job at a local fitness center and on top of that I’m trying to focus on losing this ever present baby weight. Why? Well because we’re thinking about baby #2. Are you tired yet? Because I am.

Now as busy as I may feel, I’m sure there are people out there busier and living more hectic lives than what I’m doing. But for me, it’s a constant struggle to keep calm, keep one eye on my toddler and juggle work and my home life. I don’t know how moms do it. I’m determined to get it together one day. And until that day, I have this blog to remind myself and others that we’re not alone.

I have to say that working at a gym now is just the kickstart I needed to keep a steady workout routine and make it part of my weekly schedule. Little things have made a big difference. For instance, Mondays I go into work later in the afternoon, so I put my little one in his wagon and we go for a walk around the neighborhood. I get my steps in and a good sweat since it’s summer in the south and he gets to be outdoors and see the sights. He loves it and so do I.

I’m seeing the results that I’ve been waiting for. It only took me 2 years….

Stay tuned for more.