Things I loved about 2017

🎶 These are a few of my favorite things…🎶

2017 was a year full of life lessons: being a mom is hard, being a wife is harder, and no matter what happens and what obstacles come my way, I still love to shop 💕

This past year was a weird one for most of us but there is always a silver lining. Here’s what made my year a little more bearable:

1. Things that make a new Mom’s life easier: pouches– I LOVE the organic baby food pouches that are available these days. They’re convenient, easy for baby to use on his own as he gets older and a good way to get those veggies in before and even after they get teeth. Some faves are Plum Organic, Gerber and Happy Baby. Teething snacks– my faves are Happy Baby teething wafers. They come in different flavors such as sweet potato and banana and my son loves them! Perfect for on the go. Pack and play– I probably don’t use it the way it’s intended but it’s helpful all the same. My son doesn’t sleep in it but he does sit and play and watch tv in it. And it’s perfect if I’m by myself and need to take a shower or I need him to stay put for a minute. I have the Graco Pack n Play playard with newborn napper station. You just take out the newborn top station and leave it open for him as a toddler. Throw in some toys and books and it’s perfect. Last but certainly not least, the thing that makes my life easier by far is my mom. Without her, being a mom would be far more challenging and not as fun. 2017 helped me realize that you need to appreciate those that are there for you no matter what because the years don’t mean much without the support of those who love you.

2. Online shopping: did I mention I love to shop. Whether it was Christmas gifts, baby items or clothes and shoes for moi, the internet was my best friend this year. The downside is that the post office and UPS were also my go -to when the online orders didn’t pan out and I had to return items. Still beats the mall though! Some of my favorites: SheIn, Amazon , Target, and Etsy just to name a few.

2. Selling clothes and accessories online: random, I know, but I’m so the opposite of a hoarder. So when I realized there were some things I would never fit again post pregnancy and wouldn’t even try, as well as things I just didn’t know why I still had lying around, I decided to try the online selling route. And you know what, Poshmark is everything you think it is and more. I HIGHLY recommend them if you have some old and even some new things collecting dust. Poshmark takes care of the shipping and the fee is minimal. You can’t beat it.

3. My family: and no this list is not in order of importance! Of course I love them, but this year I really valued them more than ever. Having your own family makes you appreciate the one you have and all the sacrifices they make for each other over the years. I’m lucky and thankful for my friends, family and in-laws. No matter their flaws or annoyances, they’re family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As I reflect over 2017 I realized how I never would have made it without them.

4. The DIY era we live in: Everywhere you turn there is a how to or DIY video to show you how to do something and I love it! What’s not to love about making something yourself and for cheap? This year I made a lemon sugar scrub as part of a gift for my mom and sister. It was so simple and I already had the ingredients in my kitchen. It was a win win! Recipe below 👇🏽

Sugar Scrub recipe:

2 cups sugar

1 cup coconut oil

A few drops of essential oil of your choice (grapefruit, lemon, lavender)

Mix together and put into airtight jar of your choice like a mason jar

I hope the new year brings new and positive things your way and that we all learn from the year before to improve, grow and be better.

Happy New Year!!


Holidaze Part 2

It’s 3 days until Christmas and even though the gifts are all shopped for and wrapped, I’m still out doing last minute grocery shopping. Why??!! How do I always forget the fact that we need food too? Everyone else must be in the same boat because the grocery stores are worse than the toy stores and malls. My New Years resolution: I will not be out doing last minute shopping for the holidays! I mean it! 2018 I will be better prepared.

I don’t know how long I can blame my son for the fact that I’ve lost brain cells, maybe forever, but I honestly have such a hard time getting out the door in the morning, running errands, I’m so forgetful. It’s frustrating. I have to make lists to remind me of my lists.

It’s ok because I have to believe that it will get better. I just need more practice. If I can survive the holidays with a child, I can survive anything!

I said my goal was to be sitting with my feet up watching a Christmas movie and chilling by Christmas Eve…I’ll keep you posted!


Even before I had a baby the holidays were kind of stressful, yet fun and exciting. However, this year my son is a rambunctious 16 month old rather than a little non-moving 4 month old like last Christmas, so the holidays are going to be a bit different.

So in an effort to minimize the hassle and maximize what a relaxing holiday should be, my husband and I are trying to be as efficient as possible and non-last minute.

This weekend we got the tree and took out all decorations as well as finished and yes, I mean really finished all Christmas shopping. We managed to get the majority of it done online and at places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls so we avoided the mall. Plus I used Ebates so I got cash back too! It was a win win. And if you’re wondering about Ebates, it really is as awesome and easy as you think. Use my link to sign up now:

So all I have to do is decorate the tree, have my husband put up the lights outside, wrap the presents and sit back and relax. Right? Oh and try and keep my son from ripping apart the tree. No biggie. My goal is to be sitting with my feet up, drink in hand, with my baby and my husband Christmas Eve. And to not be out running last minute errands in the dark and cold night with all the other lunatics. Wish me luck! How are you dealing with the holidays?