Health and Beauty Post-Pregnancy Update

In an earlier post I talked about some all-natural things I was trying to do for my skin. Well let me tell you: my fenugreek mask was an EPIC.FAIL. This is how you make it 

Fenugreek mask video 

And my attempt: it wouldn’t stick to my face at all. I was really upset but you win some, you lose some. 

So I tried another one, a much simpler one. And for all you moms out there who are having hormonal breakouts, you don’t even need to do additional shopping for this product because you probably already have it on hand: diaper rash cream. That’s right. I’ve been breaking out recently and stumbled upon diaper rash cream for pimples because of its zinc oxide properties. You can use it as a spot treatment or a mask. Rub it on at night, go to sleep and wash off in the morning. I have to say, I was impressed with the results. I used good ole Desitin because that’s what I had but going forward I think I might try one with calendula, which is a natural anti-inflammatory used to treat acne. Go figure. Weleda has a good one. 

Another all natural DIY was a rice flour milk mask. I know, sounds like a gluten free diet but it’s for lightening dark marks on the face and help with uneven skin. Mix a tablespoon of the rice flour with a tablespoon of milk and apply to face and let dry completely. Then wash off. Try this once a week for results. 

These are things that have worked for me but as always when trying new skin care regimens do a patch test first. 

Let me know what you’ve tried and what works for you!

Be well!

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