Out With the Old, In With the New Year’s Resolutions…

It’s a new year and you know what that means. Giving up something, making resolutions that you don’t keep and busy gyms across the country. This year, instead of making empty promises, I’ve decided to work on making myself happy and improving my health no matter how long it takes. It will be an ongoing resolution that I won’t feel bad about making because I’m going to work on it everyday, every year.

The first thing I’m working on is taking out all those preconceived notions from my head about how my body should look and what I should be doing to get there. Having a baby is no joke and everybody’s situations are different. Some people bounce back to their old bodies after 3 months (although I’m not sure I believe it) and others take years to get there. I need to stop comparing myself to others and do what makes me happy and what works for me.

The second thing is to take things slow and not to feel bad when I have setbacks. And by setbacks I mean taking a nap in the middle of the day instead of working out for an hour in my workout room which is now a baby storage room of bouncers and swings. It’s ok to take time out to be with your little one, right? Yes. The answer is yes and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You had a baby come out of you, you’re going to need a minute.

So what am I doing to jump start my path back to myself? Well, as mentioned in previous posts, My Fitness Pal and my FitBit are my best friends right now. I try to get my steps in whenever I can and since my baby’s sleep schedule is still a little off, wearing my FitBit while I walk him to sleep is one of the best ways to get it in. Walking and carrying a 15lb baby around is a good start. Also, it helps keep track of my water intake. It’s important as a nursing mother to drink plenty of water but sometimes I’m multitasking too much I forget to eat and drink. These apps and devices are a lifesaver. And since my workout schedule is pretty inconsistent, meal planning and making healthy dinners and snacks are key. I wasn’t happy with how slow the baby weight was coming off in the beginning but now that I’m more careful about what I’m eating, the weight is falling off little by little. I didn’t gain 75lbs overnight and unfortunately it doesn’t go away overnight either. Believe me, no matter how much you wish, it doesn’t.

Working on making yourself happier and healthier should always be an ever changing work in progress. Despite the challenges that I’ve been faced with lately being a new mom and a stay at home at that, I realized that I’m on no one’s time table but my own. In fact, I have all year. Bring it on, 2017!


Stay healthy,

Nola Fit Chick




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