Health & Beauty Post Pregnancy

Ever since I found out I was pregnant it felt like there was a never ending list of “Can’ts”. There are so many things you can’t eat, can’t wear and can’t use. It can be daunting, but the bigger picture is you’re doing this for a much bigger purpose: your child. And it’s totally worth it. Now that I’m breastfeeding, well, the list continues. I find myself still battling the hormone changes that I felt while being pregnant, so I’m looking to more all natural alternatives. Researching on the internet, you would be surprised what’s out there. I find a lot of people are moving back into a more holistic approach to life. There are a lot of DIY and “all natural” products out there and they’re inexpensive and easy to do. They may be a little time consuming but I feel like it’s better in the long run and worth trying.

So what I’m going to do is test them out and see what works! I used to go to a dermatologist for breakouts and had a few prescription face products that worked amazingly but since being pregnant, I couldn’t use them anymore and I decided if there was even a small chance it could harm my baby or be transmitted through breast milk, I wasn’t going to chance it. There was one that both my doctor and dermatologist said was safe but I was still too nervous to try it. So that got me thinking of alternatives. I recently stumbled on an Instagram page of a girl who has tons of DIY hair, skin and makeup tutorials and I became hooked. Check her out: @farahdhukai. I’m in the process of trying out a few of her beauty regimens to see how they work for me and I’ll be chronicling my progress. My hair and nails having been growing steadily since I’m still taking prenatal vitamins but my skin is still breaking out. It could be all the craziness of my hormones and the fact that since I’m breastfeeding my cycle is inconsistent to non-existent and I’m taking birth control pills (not really because I want to but it was recommended by my doctor). Not to mention I’m not really on a regular schedule since there’s a little 3 month old that dictates everything I do now. The first thing I’m going to try is her fenugreek mask for face and hair. Fenugreek is used as an herb, spice and vegetable. It can be ingested in pill form and is great for increasing your milk supply or you can take the seeds and blend them, which is how I will be making the mask for my face. The other one is putting 100% pure carrot juice on your face to get rid of dark spots, dry skin and acne. She also sprays the juice in her hair. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out!

So what about the inside? Well, dieting is not really an option since I have to eat at least 1800 calories while breastfeeding. The hard part is making sure I limit the things I crave which are the sweets and the salty. I have to up the water intake which for me isn’t too hard because I actually like water but I also need to up the fruits and veggies because I’m still eating for 2. To make sure that I get all my veggies in even I forget to eat a salad, I’ve been drinking the V8 fusion drinks. They are a good way to get your servings of fruit and veggies while you’re on the go. My faves are the V8 Fusion Strawberry Banana and the Harvest Green Vegetable Juice. I even like to mix them together. Using My Fitness Pal which I talked about in a previous post, I track what I’m eating and use it as a guide to help me stay on the right track. I’m still drinking decaf coffee and staying away from soft drinks. I try to eat snacks of fruit and nuts and granola bars because the baby eats constantly and so must I.

Stay tuned for how I’m stepping up my workouts post-partum and the DIY beauty tricks.


Be Well,

Nola Fit Chick



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