All-natural Remedies

During the last month of this pregnancy I’ve been dealing with very swollen feet and ankles. Add to that the intense heat and humidity and you get achy, tired feet that need to be elevated constantly. So recently I came across an all natural remedy for swollen feet and thought I would try it out.

For all you moms to be out there, and really anyone dealing with swollen feet, here’s what I did.

Apple cider vinegar wraps:

I added apple cider vinegar to warm water (about half and half) and soaked towels in it. I then wrapped each foot in the towel and elevated my feet for a few minutes. Initially, the article I read said 5 minutes but I did it twice and left it on for about 10 minutes each time.

The first time I did it, I didn’t see a major difference but the second time I saw a big decrease in the swelling of my ankles. The smell isn’t great but hey, I’ll take that over puffy feet any day.

Any other suggestions out there? I’m open to new ones and looking for more.

There are other ones out there that I’m willing to try. I’ll keep y’all posted!


***I Just wanted to give an update to this post. The wrapping of my feet with the apple cider vinegar proved to be messy and didn’t work as well as I thought it would. A few years ago, my husband bought me one of those foot bubble bath tubs and I decided to put the apple cider vinegar along with epsom salts in warm water and then put my feet in under the jets. I highly recommend. Its less messy and feels great. Along with that, I’ve been drinking a lot of water with lemon, cucumber and ginger to help alleviate the swelling. All of these have been working but it’s the middle of the summer in the South. An all natural remedy can only do so much to combat the intense heat and humidity!

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